Videoblocks Unlimited Library for only $99

Are you looking for high quality stock footage? Many stock agencies offer that, but only a few offer them at very low prices. Videoblocks give you the high quality clips you need that you can afford! You can enjoy unlimited downloads for one year at only $99. Yes, you read that right! Unlimited downloads of studio quality HD stock videos, after effects templates and motion backgrounds are up for grabs at a very low, fixed subscription rate.

Save a whopping 90% on regular rate and access 115,000 of high quality clips with a promo code. Your membership also entitles you to access and download from the exclusive marketplace of global contributors. Over 2 million of content are waiting to be explored. Plus, you buy marketplace videos in single purchase and save up to $30 per download.

Here are a few things you need to know about the stock site:

  • Videoblocks aims to provide creative content that everyone can afford.
  • It boasts a library of 115,000 studio quality HD videos, motion backgrounds, after effects templates and more.
  • It also has an exclusive marketplace that features over 2 million clips from global contributors.
  • The stock site does not take commission on Marketplace sales, they pass on the savings to you!
  • You can save an average of 40% on every download compared to other sites.
  • It has a library valued at over $10 million.
  • New content is added twice every month at no additional cost.

The best thing about all these is that you can increase your savings with a Videoblocks promo code. That’s right! Instead of 84% savings, you can further that up to 90% with a coupon. The Videoblocks promo code is a great deal with multiple benefits. You can use your downloads in any project forever. Once you become a member, you can the clips many times you want, for as long as you want. You don’t have to pay for extra royalties.

Why Get a Shutterstock Video Coupon

new-shutterstock-logoIf Shutterstock already offers cheap stock footages, why do you need a Shutterstock video coupon? Well, it doesn’t hurt to get further savings. As a creative professional, there are a lot of expenses you have to meet. Having a coupon will surely free you additional cash that you can use in other important things. Before we enumerate the reasons why you should get a Shutterstock video coupon, let us tell you about the stock photo website first.

Shutterstock is well known to many creative professionals because of their expansive stock file collection and affordable subscriptions. To date, it has over 80 million stock assets in its library including stock images, illustrations, vectors, music and video clips. The stock site offers Standard and Enhanced licenses so you can choose whichever license allows you to use the stock files according to your creative needs. Now, why should you get a Shutterstock video coupon, from this link?

Shutterstock Video
  • Savings! Savings! Savings! Even if you have enough or more than enough money to purchase a stock video footage, you should never pass on an opportunity to save. Shutterstock video coupon gives you the savings you need to free up some cash for other important activities. While 15% is not a significant amount, it could take you a long way when added up for a whole month or year.
  • More Purchases! Shutterstock has over 5 million stock videos in its collection. With a Shutterstock video coupon, you have more money to spend on more clips. You can explore through millions of stock videos and purchase the ones you need or like without worrying about going beyond your budget. Take this for instance. You are buying a $79 high definition (HD) clips. With a 15% discount, you can save $11.85. Just add a few more dollars and you can purchase another video for web purposes at $19.
  • Explore More Videos. Shutterstock has become more available to every budget, thanks to Shutterstock video coupons. You can now explore your favorite video collection for a lot cheaper price. You don’t go beyond your budget. The best thing is you even get to save more for your other creative needs.

Many websites offer Shutterstock video coupon in the Internet. Keep in mind that not all of them are legit. We know you are excited to try some coupons, but be careful of the many scam sites that pretend to offer them. You’ll know that a website is legit if they are affiliated to the stock photo agency. Affiliated websites only offer active and valid codes. You can be sure that when you use the coupons, they will be accepted by Shutterstock.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Shutterstock coupon code that will give you the savings you deserve!